Safecleanse™ Waterless Hand Cleansing Gel – Protects you and your hands


SafeCleanse™ uses a patented, innovative and proven anti-viral control technology to kill and control viral organisms, including H5N1. Broad spectrum efficacy and residual, long lasting effectiveness make for an with innumerable uses in the food processing, healthcare and general industrial sectors.

 Key Facts

  • Kills 90% of tested viruses, bacteria and fungi
  • within 30 seconds
  • Kills 99.99% of tested viruses, bacteria and fungi within 5 minutes
  • Up to 3 hours long lasting protection
  • Non toxic to humans or animals
  • Will not damage the skin
  • Low PH mimics the skin
  • Patented PA Dispersion Technology
  • Technology is safe and proven

Made in the United Kingdom